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The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is a modern research unit of Opole University of Technology which has a half century of tradition. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering consists of 5 Departments:

  1. Department of Process Engineering and Environmental Engineering
  2. Department of Vehicles
  3. Department of Thermal Engineering and Industrial Facilities
  4. Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Materials Science
  5. Department of Mechanics and Machine Design


A wide scope of studies enables our graduates to work in any industrial branch in Poland, and their spectacular careers are the best proof of their qualifications. Students graduating from the Faculty have strong technological background. They also have comprehensive engineering knowledge in the field of designing, processing and testing new materials for specific applications in different fields of modern industry. Our graduates find jobs in almost all areas of economy. Our Engineers are sought-after by production, consulting and financial entities. Many of our graduates are also employed in research institutes. The faculty is changing constantly, following the needs of the transforming economy, and the expectations of candidates.

Fields of study:

  • Power engineering,
  • Chemical and Process Engineering,
  • Environmental Engineering,
  • Mechanical Engineering,
  • Mechatronics,
  • Transport.


  • Aviation and Aerospace Science
  • Industrial Design
  • Power and Environmental Engineering

We invite you to study at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering!!! This is an invitation to reach out for a very good general education that simplifies constant development by gaining new skills, and  reaching out for thorough technical knowledge and specialised education.

At the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering dozens of students from all over Europe under the Erasmus Program study each year. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is a well-equipped research and education centre with nationwide importance, strong links with industry, and very good international collaboration. We are among the most prestigious units in the country.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering received the highest scientific category A by decision of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in 2014. Scientific achievements, creative potential and the effects of scientific research were evaluated.